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This post is about how to change the resolution (i.e. font size) of virtual terminals or “tty” in Linux. Virtual terminal is the basic command line interface which you see when you press <Ctrl><Alt><F1> (note: to get back to your existing Gnome or KDE session press <Alt><F7>). This is different from the Terminal emulator, such […]

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Tuxradar, a site worth keeping an eye on, published a basic Greasemonkey for beginners tutorial a little while back. Greasemonkey is a Firefox plugin which allows you to add little scripts which are executed when you browse to a particular page. The script can manipulate the page itself, e.g. to show additional content or to […]

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Sometimes it is necessary to split a large file into several smaller ones, for example so that they fit on a CD or USB disk or can be attached to email. It’s very easy to do this from command line. Suppose you have a file of 500 MiB called “large_file” and to split it into […]

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