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For some reason Unity in Ubuntu 16.04 and the SublimeText deb package don’t play well together and the integration is not quite right – for one the launcher says “UNREGISTERED” even after entering a valid licence key, and SublimeText does not appear in Nautilus context menu as an option to open files. Here’s the workaround […]

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Great post on Stack Exchange, How to correctly add a path to PATH?.

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Lots of issues with Network Manager in Ubuntu 16.06 LTS, in particular connecting to wifi after suspend/resume. Restarting the Network Manager service seems to work for me.

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Here’s the fix for a problem where Nautilus shows hidden files by default. $dconf-editor org -> gtk -> settings -> file-chooser Uncheck show-hidden Close Nautilus and open again

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FPrint is a PPA with packages for fingerprint-based authentication. Website includes good documentation on how to install and set it up.

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This is a great one-liner which removes old kernel images and frees up space in your boot partition:

This comes from the top answer to a question on ask ubuntu.

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Most digital cameras store Exif data in the JPEG photo files. This includes things like date and time, camera model and camera settings and in some cases even GPS coordinates. jhead is a very useful command line utility which can read and edit the Exif data. For example, you may wish to remove the data […]

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Steps to install Oracle Express Edition (XE) database 10g on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric). Download the Oracle XE deb package (free registration is required). Double click the downloaded file and select to install it. In terminal run sudo /etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure. You will be prompted to enter the following parameters: HTTP port number, database listener port number, […]

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If you use TrueCrypt under Ubuntu 11.04 Natty you would have noticed an annoying behaviour. Under previous versions an icon is present in the system tray which remains there whilst a volume is mounted even if the TrueCrypt window is closed. Under Unity the tray icon is not shown. If you accidentally close the window […]

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After finally getting some time to fully read up on Mono (especially on the excellent The Source) I have decided it is best to remove it from my system. The Open Sourcerer has a nicely written up set of instructions for 10.04 Lucid Lynx and 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.

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