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BIRT 3.7, previously codenamed Indigo, was released on June 22. Here are the necessary links to find out more about this latest version: New and Notable for BIRT 3.7 Release BIRT 3.7.0 Download Page BIRT Project Plan

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In an earlier post we discussed a generic way to dynamically get the list of report parameters at run time without having to hardcode the parameter names in the script. As was correctly pointed out in the comments, the code did not work for parameter groups (and also cascading parameters). However, it is possible to […]

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On this blog we have often talked about overriding the default behaviour of the BIRT chart palette by dynamically setting colours based on data values. However, it is perhaps worth looking in more detail at the palette itself to understand the default behaviour and appreciate how it can be tweaked. Each chart has a palette. […]

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