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Eclipse BIRT comes with Report Viewer, a J2EE application used for generating and displaying reports. Whilst deploying and using the out-of-the-box application on Tomcat is straightforward, there are fairly rich configuration and parametrization options which are non-obvious. The following two documents describe how the viewer works and how to control its behaviour. BIRT Viewer User’s […]

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JDBC drivers need to be put in the following location to be available in BIRT Viewer. Putting them into <TOMCAT HOME>/common/lib does not work in BIRT and you will get a “cannot load JDBC driver” error. <TOMCAT HOME>/webapps/birt/WEB-INF/platform/plugins/ The Tomcat path and version number will depend on your environment.

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Here’s how to install Apache Tomcat version 5.5 on an Ubuntu machine (note that there is nothing Ubutu specific in these steps). This will form one of the foundation steps for a series of posts in which we will build a fully open-source business intelligence platform. First, install Java JDK. I am using Sun’s version […]

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